Renting a mechanical bull can be a thrilling and exciting experience for those seeking an adventurous form of entertainment. Renting a mechanical bull is a popular choice for events such as birthday parties, corporate events, and even weddings.

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+ 12′ X 12′ X 8′
+ Power or Generator
+ Indoor and Outdoor
+ Operator Included

+ Must be 18+ to Rent
+ Under 18 Waivers*
+ Insured in Utah


Our Happy Customers

I recently had the opportunity to rent a mechanical bull for a child’s birthday party, and it was one of the highlights of the night. We will be doing it again!” 
-Kris Carter

Eddie’s Wild Ride and easy to work with, and they set up the bull quickly and efficiently. They provided an experienced operator who was friendly and made sure that everyone who wanted to ride the bull had a chance to do so safely.
-Jadie Cowsert

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Hi, my name is Eddie, I am 7 and have been riding mini bulls since I was 4.

I had a hard time getting to practice since the closest mini-bull was 4 hrs away. My grandpa had an idea to get me a mechanical bull to practice on until I could get to the real thing.

My grandpa and I decided that when I wasn’t using it to rent it out for parties and fairs.

We started a business it helps me pay my entry fees to the next rodeo and gets me business experience. 

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Whether you’re planning a birthday party, corporate event, or wedding, our rodeo-style machine is sure to provide a fun and exciting challenge for riders of all skill levels.

Book our mechanical bull now and get ready for a wild ride!

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